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Minecraft Server Cracked Hide And Seek rafflys




The best Minecraft Hide and seek Server belongs to this Player A New World; a New Server! Join us as we continue to grow our Minecraft Hide and Seek server! is a Minecraft server site and community, hosted by Nate Lindner and fellow staff members. The basic goal of Nate’s server is to continue to grow the Minecraft server community by providing more varied game features such as quests, story lines, and a multitude of server specific features, all while maintaining the creative feel of a server that any Minecraft fan would love. Hide and seek is an awesome feature, and we have just added an amazing new feature! With this new feature, you can have hidden items in your inventory that you can tell others to look for, or have them “find”. This is great, because we all know that not everyone is in the right mood or has a set schedule in which to play. With this, you can just have a few friends show up for the weekend, and you can have a party of up to 15 players in one map. We will be adding more items in the future, such as: Pets Customization Lairs Stories Defenses Players can be added to the list, even if they are not players on the server, and players can be removed from the list. With this, you can play hide and seek all weekend, or play the weekends off to yourself. Either way, you will be able to have fun with your friends! We plan on adding new features, features that aren’t in the base features but are added through plugins. We are also looking into the possibility of a single player mode, so that you can play solo without having to worry about others. We are also adding a link to our Youtube Channel on the server lobby. Our most recent Youtube videos are on the channel. If you have ideas for ideas for new plugins, features, or anything else, please leave a comment or message on the server! PS: Don’t forget to make friends! I was able to get over 1000 friends from just playing hide and seek! I was also able to get lots of people interested in server plugins! About the Owner The owner of this Minecraft Server is Nate Lindner. He is a 17 year old college freshman at University of Oklahoma, and was looking for a






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Minecraft Server Cracked Hide And Seek rafflys
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